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Block this user

Block this user!!!

Socially Yours-How to Facebook with style.

"Block this user, block this person, block list, facebook, social-network- The topic of the day is block this user, or, block this person. The three-word phrase sounds rather harsh. What does a person have to do to push your buttons hard enough to make you put him on your block list?"

Have you seen the list of actions you can take toward your Facebook friends? These are on the lower left side of your friend's profile page. They are: Suggest friends, unfriend, share profile, and report/block this person. These options put you in the position of power, and that is the power to choose.

"The topic of the day is "Block this user," or, block this person. The three-word phrase sounds rather harsh. What does a person have to do to push your buttons hard enough to make you put him on your "block" list? Have you ever blocked anyone? I have, and -to my dismay- my list continues to grow, but the reason isn't simply, "I don't like her face." As long as your Facebook and natural lives, there must have been a time or two when you have pondered over the block option. We rarely talk about it, but let's address it now:

When should you block?

    Socially Yours-How to Facebook with style.

  1. You feel your "friendship" has been taken for somebody's gain, either personally or for business. For example, when after you accept a friend request from a person, and suddenly your wall is flooded with advertisements in the form of photos in which you have been tagged. Or, worse, when you let your friends see your email address and phone numbers, and suddenly you get spammed with useless, no-good emails from questionable addresses. In such cases, you know it's time to block the person.

    Lately, spammers have put a lot of effort in on Facebook, and I have experienced some of this. After several visits to the locations of photos in which I was tagged, and removing them, I got tired and unfriended the person. -This is someone I actually know- well, not anymore, she has ruined it! Within an hour I was asked to become a friend of the same person, except this time her name was spelled slightly differently... but it was still the same person. (She was careless and didn't spend time on building a profile page that was different from her other alias.) This was when I went to my privacy setting and added two names -for the same human being- on my "block" list.

    Just today, I received a friend request from a net-worker. I checked him out by first copying and pasting his name in the search box. Four persons showed up, the same name with the same spelling, and all -but one- with a profile picture. The name isn't as common as John Smith, by the way. I visited all four pages. Luckily for me, this person didn't bother to hide his wall, and I immediately saw the similarities. All four "users" shared the same hyped-up, too-good-to-be-true text and photo that led to the same designated URL. I took a trip to my account privacy page and blocked all four beings from ever seeing me again on Facebook.

  2. You feel that having the person on your friend list will be damaging or harmful to your career. You can't afford the risk of having your boss or your potential employer see you with that misbehaving friend all over your wall.

    Sometimes it's not enough to unfriend a person. You can still surface in the same circulation, especially when you have mutual friends. In this case, blocking is the way to go. Logical? Yes. Heartless? No. If the person in question happens to be your relative and you are worried that he will tell your mother, or his mother -or something of that nature- then, talk to him - as well as your mother and his mother, if needed- privately. -It's not like you are disowning him in real life. If all doesn't go well, do not feel bad. You need to do what's right for you.

  3. The person isn't necessarily your friend, but is someone with whom you want nothing to do, and may cause harm to you both physically and psychologically.

    Yes, it can happen. Paranoid? Perhaps. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Again, you need to do what's right for you. It is alright to remove friends and block people from running into you on Facebook.


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block this user, block this person, block list, facebook, social-network

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