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Best-Web-host-provider 2
Continues from part 1

Shedding the light on the unknown world of Website building

My goal at the time was to look for ways to transform my business blueprint into website pages, and I relentlessly pursue my quest of finding the one provider whose Web hosting plans did not over-advertise and under-deliver.

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Perhaps this is it

One of the best seventeen minutes I ever spent watching a non-operatic video! When I first saw the length I almost left; then, I thought, “if it was 17-minutes long, maybe it wasn't another one of those empty advertisements (you know, a one-two minute ad), and it might actually tell me more about this SBI thing.” This particular video was from one of the affiliates. I was impressed right away because the woman owned a sales personality (not a salesperson trying to push her product - I write more on sales personality in my Tools for Artists section). Having had years of experiences in a sales-marketing company, from growing up with it to running a whole company**, it became instinct to spot a good sale from a bad one, a good product from bad, and a good honest salesperson (and sales personality) from a bunch of vultures.

**My parents were the first to introduce Tupperware to Thailand back in the early 1960's. I witnessed, and became a part of, the building of their business empire from NOTHING into a multi-million dollar business within thirteen years. They were the first people to introduce there the good, honest marketing business and were the pioneers and role models to hundreds, if not thousands, of other sales companies in Thailand. Once Tupperware had become well-established, we moved on to our own food marketing company, and then Stanley Home Products (Stanhome) - who makes the best cleaning products and cosmetics products I have ever used in my entire life - invited us to get on board. Through all my years growing up, I watched my parents strive for the best, then they accelerated to 'better their best,' and they never stopped improving. If a product wasn't good enough for them to use then it wouldn't be good enough to sell to anyone. When I was only twelve, I begged my parents to become one of their sales representatives because I lived with a product so good that I had to tell people about it. Good sales quality starts with honesty. It is in my blood that I can spot a good product and good sales. I wholeheartedly believe that, as a person within society - a citizen of the world - I earned all my good human qualities from being brought up in a good sales-oriented household, and I owe it to my parents who raised me with such a sales-personnel quality.


As I listened to this woman talk, it piqued my interest that SBI promised to give me more than just a website. (And, this was the first time that I heard that it would cost me $299 a year – so, it's 25 dollars a month. I own two free websites that serve as our Internet business cards, I had thrown away a lot more money than this when I signed a contract with a large, reputable company- because I didn't know enough to design and build a website from scratch- plus, I had already spent so much on a search engine optimization service. Not to mention, there was a $300 website building software tool which I bought a while back in the hope of building a website that would best serve me. And, how could I forget the money I had spent on eBay when I put my Thai merchandise on 'test drive'!!! I know there's more, but it's done - expensive lesson learned, so I hope.) The way the woman put it, if I shopped here I wouldn't have to seek other stores to buy tools separately (SEO software, html editor, graphic software, and other gadgets one needs to get the traffic and to make the website look good.) I raised my eyebrows again, this time with great interest, when I saw that this service has a section called 'Brainstorm It' which would help me find my niche and work for the best possible meta keywords and meta descriptions.

WHAT-WHAT-WHAT!!!!! YES-YES-YES!!! As I said, I knew what I wanted to do, so I didn't care much about the niche finder whatchamacallthingy; but, I was so intrigued that, maybe- just maybe- I would actually learn what meta keywords - descriptions meant, and how to find them and apply them for my own marketing benefit. And, for the first time in the Internet marketing business, I would get the value of what I would pay for.

This moment of exhilaration and joy deserved a woohoo, so I shouted out "WOOHOO" in a ringing, resonating high voice, loud enough for my husband the baritone to run out from his office to check and see if I was alright.

And you hope that this was the end of my story? What, and miss the most important stuff? No, not yet. Although it was very exciting, and although I felt that Site Build It might be the right choice for me, I didn't jump into it right away. Because of my experiences of repeated Internet disappointments, and a lot less dollars in my poor, skinny piggy bank, I did more research, "just to be sure."

At this point, I was 70% for Site Build It, but I needed something to convince me to get all the way to a hundred percent. To do this, though, I didn't go to its official website; instead, I wanted to see if I could learn more information from other affiliations.


It was amazing that these all had the same products to sell, but the importance in how they chose to deliver their goods (which would be vital to the outcome they hoped for) was not foreseen in most of their cases. I didn't gather any real information from other guys and was disappointed that the ones I saw just gave their sales pitches which, to me, didn't sell their products. Instead, they spoke loudly about becoming an affiliate. The woman in the video talked about how SBI had nothing to do with a so-called 'get-rich-quick' plan, that it only provided you with a lot of good tools, tutorials, and great support from other SBIers (that's what they call themselves) and SBI's own team; but, ultimately, it would be you who would have to work with the tools to build a website that had the best content of useful information for your niche. Because I didn't learn from anyone else after watching the video lady, I went to Site Build It's official website and started reading and watching their videos. The more I read, the more I had to read. It offered so much information - how unusual for a typical pre-sell pitch - but it made me happy. I even learned a few tips on Internet marketing. It took me, through the clicks, deeper and deeper into its bottomless pit of website-building knowledge. (I'm sure it stops somewhere, but it kept giving me more info so that I felt like it would never end!) At one point, I turned to my husband and said to him that SBI is a multi-level-marketing, or MLM plan, a marketing method that could either be put to good or bad use - depending upon whether the marketing company using the system is good or evil. (How do I know? Because I used MLM as a commission payment system for the people in my company. My people were happy, it worked for all of us, and I prided myself for being part of a good company.) MLM or not, if the product were good, and they kept their promises about teaching you the ropes, then I would be all for it. I wasn't interested in becoming an affiliate- not unless and until I had proven to myself that SBI indeed provides a good product that works for me. (In the good old-fashioned world of home party plans, we used the terms 'dealer' or 'representative.' Things change with time, and, I hope, that we improve as we change things!) At this point, I wanted to try it out to see if it would suit my situation. The SBI service pack also comes with a 30 day money back policy, so I had to come to my conclusion before the return guarantee ran out.

I finally made an investment on SBI on December 14 of last year. By then, I was exhausted from doing research on web providers, yet I was very excited and couldn't wait to 'get the show on the road.'!!!!

Would you like to 'get the show on the road' also?
Bored from too much reading?
In next article, I will be showing you a little bit of what you may expect
when you make your Site Build It purchase.
But if you become a little impatient,
please jump ahead to --SBI--
I won't give you grief, not to worry ;-)
You may want to come back to re-read my story
when you decide to share your experience with people!

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