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Shedding the light on the unknown world of Website building

My goal at the time was to look for ways to transform my business blueprint into website pages, and I relentlessly pursue my quest of finding the one provider whose Web hosting plans did not over-advertise and under-deliver.

Pursuing my quest

It was November of 2008, another one of those exhausting days of endless researching for ways to transform my business blueprint into website pages. I was frustrated, angry, and disappointed in myself that I wasn't able to find any website host provider that didn't over- advertise and under-deliver. I kept going back and forth between continuing to pursue the Internet business idea and - because of my passion for cooking - concentrating instead on opening a 'real' restaurant! I've many pages bookmarked on my browser - how to choose a web host provider, web hosting review, business web hosting, best website hosting plans review - the list goes on and on. My basic guideline* was very simple: I'd check out each website service provider and its plan, paying a lot of attention to the ones that were well-written, with a clear explanation expressed in the least complicated way, without being vague or beating around the bush, and with a price list that was easy to locate - if not right there on the same page as its advertisement. Where technical terms were used, I gave extra points to those providers who explained each clearly - without my having to guess what the explanation meant. I also was on the look-out for providers who didn't have the 'canned' way of advertising. Then, I checked them against reviews and searched each of them separately.**

*My guideline

An advertisement that is well written, with a clear explanation of technical terms, is usually a good sign that the instructions how to use their templates, widgets, and tools that come with your plan may not be too difficult to follow.

If they seem straightforward (but not rude) when they try to sell you their website, chances are the instruction will also be straightforward. (Trust me, it's frustrating when you keep trying to interpret the meaning behind the words.)

The same goes for technical terms.

One more thing: By the time I did my shopping I knew enough to avoid canned websites, because not only would they not teach me anything as I built, but I would be stuck with the frameworks they gave me, without any freedom to wiggle around. I also believed that once I'd built one I would build another, and it would be better to learn as I built it. So, it would be superb to find a provider that would teach me a little bit of that.

**When I started, my Internet and web design fluency was at the bottom, not enough to be able to 'do it all by myself,' and I believe most small business owners - local store owners, working-at-home moms, and retired people- are in the same boat I was.


When my patience in searching for the 'ultimate web host' was coming to an end- a dramatic twist with a great outcome had to take place at the end, or I wouldn't be talking about it with you right now!- I noticed a particular recommendation in four different reviews in a row - SBI, or Site Build It. Now, please keep in mind that as a person who's been around the Internet for a while, just like you, I started reading about this provider and took a mental note of anything that sounded over-advertised, too good to be true, showy, and all the things that would make the alarm bells go 'ding-ding-ding' inside my head. I searched 'Site Build It' in particular, after having read many blogs and websites dedicated to this host provider. (Of course, I knew they had to be its affiliated members.) Next on the list, 'Is Site Build It a Scam?'

You know, I always chuckle when I try to get honest reviews of some products, because it's usually their opponents – those who make the rival - who take their time, energy, and even money, to write something bad about them- right before they advertise how much better their own products are. Still, I needed to have all my options open and to be able to weigh pros and cons, so I went ahead and read many reviews of 'Is Site Build It a Scam?'

The first one I read made me raise my eyebrows: I expected to see someone coming out and putting down the product/service in the manner I usually see associated with a TV product (one of those direct something or other). Instead, this reviewer came out with many reasons why Site Build It is NOT a scam and how it would be good for YOU (me, in this case). I nodded my head, "Reverse psychology, clever,” then moved on. Next came a similar post; this time, HOW Site Build It changed MY LIFE - a testimonial by a stay-at-home mom.*

*Whether I was- then- a full-time executive with other sideline businesses and a mom of four, or- now- a singer, teacher, an Internet marketer, and still the very same mom of four, I have always hated the term “stay-at-home mom” all the same! A lot of moms have willingly made their choices to quit their day-to-day clerking, nursing, cosmetic counter, or even high-paying executive jobs, and to raise their children. It's only a change of work place. They are still working very hard executing tasks for their own household, involving both physical and brain labor. On top of that, most of them found the time between naps and laundry to run their businesses via the Internet and phones. I, too, have executed all my businesses from home for four years, now, and have found that my work doesn't get any easier. The one exception is that I now have the choice to put on make-up, wear high heels, and get dressed, wearing tons of jewelry (we Thai businesswomen wear a lot of jewelry - real jewelry, and we love that!), only when I feel like doing it :-)


What the mom said was perfectly fine, and I started to understand that these two reviewers said the same thing about this company: that it had a clear tutorial - step-by-step in both written and video form- which taught them (the reviewers) not only how to build a website, but also how to build one that works. We'll see about that! It sounded like they wanted to recruit you (me) to be their affiliate. I frowned, "Is this its advertising tactic? I'm bored. Show me more!" I had a blueprint layout for my website, and I needed a provider that provided good tools so I could build just that. It would be a great plus if a web host provider also taught me how to make my website more efficient for Internet marketing. But could this SBI deliver what I wanted? I continued on to the next review, which was a You Tube video - a bunch of them were there on google search, so I picked one. At first, I wasn't going to watch because I believed that it would be yet another SBI supporter. Nothing against this company, but I was shopping for the best option for me, remember? I needed to see all sides. But the nature of human curiosity kicked in, and I went to the video page.

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