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Best of both worlds
Singing and Sales personality

From Pradichaya

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By now, I hope you have already gotten to know me better through the long-winded page Coffeelosophy. The good thing is, we sectionized the whole page and put its menu on top of the page: this way you can read only what you'd like to read by clicking on a title :)

I'm writing this page because of many factors; one of which is, when this website's concept was still on a post-it note, it was only to generate my own musical services (ex. teaching, outreach program, and performance package) within the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, where I live.

Then it struck me: As you learned from reading Coffeelosophy, since I've already planned a website it would be cool to build an interactive community for fellow artists and other people who share the music business profession with you and me.

There's no need to go over the "why I do this" factor, is there? Everything is spelled out, again, on Coffeelosophy page. At this point, I ran out of post-it notes and graduated to using the back of my daughter's artworks - which provided ample space for me to scribble and jot down my ideas and outlines. Of course, Kaitlyn made sure that I scanned every drawing and painting - all her creations. "Just in case you mess up, mommy", she said.

And that's how I developed a special section for you: my friend, my colleague.

Video Gallery, Announcement Calendar and Lounge Forum Board are parts of the Artists Lounge and Exclusive Gallery.

The Gallery is what it is, a gallery featuring an artist. You and other viewers can follow an artist back to her website, blog, and other places where she leads you through her links.


In case you are not aware, I don't underline links. You know when you come across a link when your mouse pointer turns into a hand (I think it's so cute!) If that irritates you, you can always click on the blue button 'Show a list of links', on either side of the main column. Most displayed photos are also clickable links.

My idea is to have each of you present yourself in a way that
adds a little more than the usual way.

Another Sidebar

The usual way

-headshot, bio, rep, audio/video, managed by- Like you, I have that, too, and it's on my already existing soprano website, and other websites that allow me to feature my soprano profile. Now that I've learned so much more about the internet, I've come to the realization that putting my profile up 'the same way' - in my own website, blogs, other free - or, even fee-based music community websites, or creating an artist facebook fan page - is the same thing as printing a business card, and although a different design is applied each time, the material remeains the same. Here there's two issues to consider:

a. material offered the same way
b. it's even more important that 'how I make' and 'to whom I give' my business card factors become efficient and effective

A combo of sharing your story of your musical path blending along with your usual cv, then add musical (or non-) tidbits, if you have an on-going class or studio, why not include that, too? If you want to prep your viewers on your mega up- coming debut, why not write about that, too? Your viewers can feel 'more connected' with you by leaving their messages to you in a box that I provide.

Some of you do not know me personally, even some of you are my facebook 'friends' :), you can rest assured that I am NOT a management agency and/or in anyway represent you. I do not sell your info (I have a better and definitely moral and humane way to generate my income!). I happen to have been brought up in a business-oriented household whose belief is

'kindness is the water to the human soul.'

But I'm not here to recruit you to join La CoffeeMelodie Suite' Community.



I already set up webpages to invite you to do just that!
Please see Artists' Lounge, Exclusive Gallery, and The Gallery.
Some of you may have been personally invited through my invitation page.


Whether you join my website, or develop an idea to start a music community on your own, or just do your own thing for yourself and by yourself, the point is I want everyone to be happy at what he does. Because if he's not happy, he won't be able to pursue (his career) with an open mind; therefore, the road to success might have a lot of potholes and detours. (Trust me, I SO have been there.)

Because I have been there, that's right. Some no-name unknown foreign woman with children (gasp) and a husband (gasp) who showed up in the United States four years ago, claiming that as a former business CEO, she also is a singer. Her only credentials are from a foreign company whose name no one could pronounce, foreign music groups, organizations and an opera company in Southeast Asia. If I read about myself I wouldn't give myself any credit, either.

I have fought many battles in my life, starting from fighting to sing MY voice, to sacrificing my love to pay my duty to my beloved and most respected parents - which, in the course of thirteen years, evolved into giving up my voice (because of the nature of the business I ran); and, gradually, myself- by becoming somebody that I was not and ended up losing my self-esteem, self-security, self-integrity and, self-respect. Depending on what I needed to achieve for my company, I even learned to 'pull back my quality' in order to appear 'less capable,' so that I could make other (business partners) feel better about 'themselves' so they wouldn't feel 'threatened.' by me.


Even after I decided that I would be a happier person (and which, therefore, would mean I would be able to better provide for my family) by closing down forever the door on my life as a business executive of my old company (flying first class and visiting a jewelry store every few days would have to be put on hold!) and replacing it with opening the door as a singer pursuing the singing career, I still carried that baggage with me - the lack of self-esteem, self-security, self- integrity and, self-respect, and, so on. It didn't make me feel like a happy, chirpy soprano. In fact, it added one more element - self-paranoia - what I learned as a business person has turned against me!!!! With that in the back of my head, how could I show my potential hirer the best of my bests - I didn't.


But, what is the saying? There's a rainbow at the end of a storm? The two best things that came out of this ordeal are my children (because I didn't have to travel as most famous singers do; plus, I was ready financially, with support that was a direct financial outcome, I had a few children), and my ability to see things from the eye of a sales person.

Please do not take the term 'sales person' with a negative connotation. A sales person is a person who is very knowledgable in her product and everything that is relevent to her product. A person who does her research not just in written form, but also by opening up her heart and soul at the same time she looks through her eyes and hears through her ears. A person who is able to learn from every situation - good and bad, from her friend and her enemy. A person who offers the best advice and services without seeking to gain. A person who humbly accepts praises and is quick to recognize good and bad criticism - and shrug off the bad ones to the recycle bin. A person who understands, who can quickly detect the reasons behind what is being said and done to her; therefore, is able to keep or throw away such word/action. A person who recognizes and understands human nature - a good sales person doesn't have to like it, or agree with it, but she owns an ability to take what she feels most usable for her, learn from it and chooses to apply what she learns to her clientele in the future, even to the very person who 'taught' her this lesson from her word/action.

As the title says 'The Best of Both Worlds', I would like to intoduce a few tools for my fellow colleagues. Although I refer to it as 'Singers and Sales-Personality' other people whose businesses have nothing to do with music who also come across this section are welcome to see if you can take something from it and try it on your business.


If you don't see any link to the line above, it means that I'm taking a break to work in other areas or, go out in the field to take in a few puffs of fresh air - something I couldn't do while living in my four-level townhome in the middle of Bangkok - while visualizing ideas for this tools section in my head. (Oh, that's right, I never stop) Please check back in a day, the following step should be ready for you to take.


Did I mention kindness is the water to the human soul?

Build stronger music community, please let others know about us!

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