Being an aunt

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Being an aunt

by Na Goy
(Bangkok, Thailand)

My niece Kaitlyn and me

My niece Kaitlyn and me

What does being an aunt entails? I think the number one on the list is spoiling the children. You can leave all the serious work for the parents. I think an aunt's duty is to spoil them. How do I spoil them? I do things for them even when they can do it by themselves. I make them breakfast, get things for them, and last but not least buy things for them. I would be there for them when they needed someone.

Then you have to have patience. I find that the children are not as afraid of you as far as being the adult as much as they would be of their parents. So it might take time and patience to get them to listen to you sometime. So don't give up and start screaming when the children don't pay attention to you. And do pay a compliment when they do listen. Compliments go a long way.

You definitely shouldn't be hard on them. You should be kind and willing to listen to them. Definitely no yelling. You want them to trust you so that they would come to you when they find that they cannot go to their parents. You can be the alternative support system. Be their counselor if you must.

Don't go completely soft and be a push-over. Children know how to get to you. They will do anything and almost everything to get what they want. So don't let them push your button. Stand your ground, but don't be hostile. You do have to have a limit even if you aim to spoil them.

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