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Voice Changer Series

A five-minute conversation between Kaitlyn and her dad with a little bit of Justin. Fred style. A silly video, pointless, and just for fun.

be-silly-videos, talk-like-Fred,
sillyvideo, pointless, just for fun

Talk like Fred, the Chipmunks, and Beyond


Who would think that one could have a conversation with the chipmunk voice or -the latest popular You Tube sensation- Fred. Kaitlyn and Ralph converse for five minutes with Justin and mom chiming in here and there.

This is pure fun and there's absolutely no educational value involved.

Giggle, laugh, and be silly. The $$$ cost is nothing!

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Be Silly Videos - Voice changer series


1. Ralph's Largo

2. Ralph's Verdi's aria

3. Kailtyn's Twinkle, twinkle litle star

4. A 5-minute conversation: Talk like Fred, the chipmunks, and beyond

5. Justin concludes the series with his famous laugh

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be-silly-videos | talk-like-Fred | silly video | pointless | just for fun


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