Asus Transformer Prime: Why I bought this tablet. A review from a low-tech housewife

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Asus Transformer Prime: Why I bought this tablet

A review from a low-tech housewife

Eee Pad TF201

A review from a low-tech housewife-an obvious non savvy user- who -at a certain age-
needs all the help she can get when it comes to reading small print.
If you find yourself in a similar situation and want to do a research on the
Eee Pad to compare products, read this review.

Coffee recommends:Product recommendation and honest review

Asus Transformer Prime- so, why I did I choose this particular tablet and not another popular one?

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am far from being tech-savvy. The whole idea behind getting a tablet started due to the decreased ability of my eyes to focus on small print and anything else containing small details. Besides writing, I do a lot of work with videos, photos, and other digital graphics. Also, at the same time, I do a lot of reading and studying to enhance my skills. My work activity puts quite a bit of strain on my aging eyes. The more my eyes age, the more difficult I find it to read actual books; soon I turned my focus toward reading PDF versions and other types of e books.

It is my habit to open an instruction guide (for whatever project on which I'm working) as I implement each step in my work. I already have two monitors set up along with several browser tabs and a few desktop applications open; this constantly going back and forth makes it even harder on my eyes. It got so bad that, at one point, I couldn't work for more than an hour before my eyes turned watery, bloodshot, accompanied by pressure pain on both eyelids. -I realized that I had to quickly come up with a way to help preserve my eye health, or I wouldn't be able to work.

I need a reader that not only allows me to read clearly in larger print, but also one that I can sync and connect to my Internet activity among all computers. I knew right away that I needed to look into a tablet, and not just a reader. I started my research online with two popular brands on the market: iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. After a few searches I leaned toward Samsung.

The next step was to go check out the real thing at a local electronic/computer gadget store. I talked to a few eager and not-so tech-knowledgeable sales staff at each store I visited, in order to get their opinions. Naturally, I asked a lot of questions. The price tag for a tablet is anywhere from 400 (older versions) to 600 or even 700 dollars or more -this can easily buy me a basic laptop- and it is not at all like going shoe shopping (although my husband might argue that when I find a few pairs of shoes that I like, I spend nearly as much as what it would take to buy a tablet). All of the sales staff introduced me to Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. I did my search right away- on the Android (it happens to be a Samsung!)- and found that a lot of people are impressed with the Eee Pad. Evidently, none of the three stores I visited had the Eee Pad in stock: it'd arrive after seven days if I placed my order. I came home to do more research just to make sure that among Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad 3, and Asus Transformer Prime, the choice I made would be the right one.

I wanted a tablet that functions like an android and a laptop, combined. I want a reader. I want to do some work such as graphic designing and writing. Every once in a while, I will watch movies or play games. All three tablets perform at an exceptional level. Both iPad and Edd Pad are comparable, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab seems a little less capable than the other two tablets, so I dropped it from the list.

I had some concern that the Eee Pad is wi-fi only, while the iPad and Samsung Galaxy are available with 4G- requiring an activation fee for the extra service from the phone provider. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided that the 4G feature didn't outweigh many of the other features that put the Eee Pad above the iPad for me. Wi-fi would be just fine; plus, I already pay for mobile tethering.

By the way, Eee Pad comes with Adobe Flash, and I really appreciate that!

Not a big surprise, my choice was Eee Pad.

Here is a list of Eee Pad and other related products that I bought from Amazon.

Read on to see more reasons why it was my chosen tablet. (Click to open):

Transformer Prime

The name gives itself away. A tablet that goes beyond and transforms into a notebook laptop. I think that having that extra docking is a great plus on the Eee Pad. I decided to order the tablet and the mobile docking together, which added around 130 to the price. (I ordered these items from Amazon, which happens to be the online store for this household since it carries just about everything under the sun, not to mention it is reliable. Because I subscribe to Amazon Prime, my Asus tablet -and some accessories I ordered- arrived in two days.) This is perfect for when I do my writing -and I'm talking a stretch further than simply tweeting 140 characters or updating my Facebook status! It's very easy to attach the dock to the Eee Pad and type away.

Overall functionality
Smooth, good looking, light, and easy to use came to mind within an hour of breaking open the box containing my new shiny, thin and sleek Eee Pad. It didn't take me long to set up. (Now, you must remember that I am rather ignorant on any techy subject. -I still can't set the timer to record a TV show.) As soon as that was done, I synced emails and the Firefox browser, then I moved on to installing apps. I now do my design work almost exclusively on the Eee Pad, using apps and a stylus pen. The fact that I can hold the blank canvas in my hand and do my drawing-doodling away from the computer monitor(s) gives me so much freedom! I am very happy with the display color and brightness. Contrary to some, I'd prefer this natural look to the extreme colors of other tablets in the same competitive market.
Video making and photo taking
Although the idea of holding a 10.1 inch tablet up to take pictures and videos may seem a little clunky to some, Transformer Prime does a very good job with 8 megapixels with LED flash on its rear camera (normal view) and 1.2 megapixels on the front lens. I take a lot of close-up photos for my work, and I only have good things to say about the rear camera. Instead of using proper devices, for convenience sake, I am already known to use my android phone to take pictures and videos -since I pride myself on the ability to manipulate them in editing software. It is such a big turning point for me to have found that, with the Eee Pad, I can take videos of myself using its front view camera- when I film tutorials -especially my At-Home Thai-Cooking recipe tutorials which show the cooking step-by-step!!!! This is super cool! For video out, the Eee Pad is equipped with a micro HDMI. There is also a USB port on the dock. The only thing I wish is that the front camera would have higher megapixels, which would make my job easier when it comes to self portraits -something I do from-time-to-time for the marketing business- yet it's not a big concern since I can clean and touch it up and give any photo a better quality.
"Perfect. Just what I needed!" -I read anywhere without the feeling of detachment should I need to click any embedded link from the book to connect with a Website. The display is clear, and even when I zoom in I don't get the bleating quality or blurriness of the fonts.
Movies and gaming
I'd be lying if I say I only use my Eee Pad for work. I'd play games and watch movies at any chance I have! NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core (1.3GHz) processor on the Eee Pad really heightens the graphic display. Movies have never looked better, and for the same reason I love playing games a lot more, too! The battery usage is surprisingly long; however, after two long movies and a long period of fun video games, the battery doesn't last as long as the quoted 12-hours on tablet alone or 18-hours with the dock attached. In terms of external memory, Eee Pad comes with micro SD on the tablet and full size SD on its mobile dock.
GPS -Size does matters!
I rely so much on my good hearing when I use GPS Navigation on my phone, because even up close, at 2.5"x5" it's still hard to look at the moving arrow on the phone while driving! Now I have a large tablet which displays map directions that I can easily follow with my (not-so-good) eyes. This is yet another plus!
Other tools
Whether it's piano app, studio recording app, movie editing app or other tools that I use for my work, it is intriguing and quite a relief that I can carry with me everywhere my smaller, yet fully functional software. Eee Pad is smooth as far as moving from app to browser to app.
In conclusion
In my opinion, the Asus tablet is better than its competitors. I am very happy with how it simplifies my day-to-day work and play habits. FYI, my eyes have now had a chance to rest, with the hope that they will soon heal since they are no longer staring at the computer monitors several hours a day. My advice to you is that if you are thinking of buying a tablet, thoroughly research your choices. They are expensive, and you want to buy one that suits your style and your need. If you do decide to go for Asus Transformer Prime, I have put together on this page a list of what I bought from Amazon. I didn't talk too much about technical specs, because the details are explained on each item.

I will add more info as I gain more experience with my Eee Pad.

Happy hunting!


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