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Aspiring Graphic Artist

by Russel
(Sta. Clarita, CA)

Hi Nick! I'm thrilled to know about your website! I'm an aspiring Graphic Artist and I'm using the Photoshop CS3. I tried to learn everything about it on my own through YouTube but I'm sure there are still a lot to learn. That's why I'd love to hang out with people like you who have the same passion that I have because I know you can help me improve my skills. Plus the fact that I can't afford those expensive classes. I've downloaded a sample of my work and please don't hesitate to tell me what you think. It's an old picture of my grandparents and I tried to restore it. Also, I'd like to know which is better, GIMP or Photoshop? I tried to download the free GIMP download from this website but my Anti-virus showed a warning so I hesitated to do it. By the way, is there a place somewhere in Sta. Clarita or LA where graphic buddies hangout regularly? I'd love to go there if it exist. Thank you for reading my letter and hope to see your feedback soon. More power!


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