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Artists - Music Professionals Exclusive Lounge

La CoffeeMelodie Suite's important mission of re-setting the musical wheel

It is our determination to set a real balance for the supply-demand
between music professionals and music lovers

Artists-Music Professionals Exclusive Lounge

Because music is our passion, therefore, it is our strong desire to keep her alive and to continue sparkling in every person's heart. What we all can do is to promote ourselves relentlessly and continuously.

Moving Forward

  • We find ourselves in a new age: an age of instant media, an age of quick gratification, an age of economic turmoil. One must react so much more quickly to change than he had in the past. The old ways of doing things, so well-suited to the times in which they were developed, no longer serve the functions for which they were intended. Email, social networking websites, instant messaging: these are the tip of the iceberg.

  • Not only that, but programs and jobs are being lost everywhere one looks. The time in which we find ourselves is marked by a fiscal conservatism -if not downright panic- in which traditional opportunities are being lost to those who rely upon them. This shedding of what is viewed by many as superfluous is to many others the loss of their lifeblood.

  • Evolution's sole dictate is: "those who most successfully adapt to change are those who survive." If you are still playing the game in the old way, if you are are still looking in the old places for opportunity - well, you haven't yet adapted, and you're being lapped by those who have. There are so many who are learning not only how to use the World Wide Web to their advantage, but are actually re-making it to suit themselves. Personal websites and social networking, just to name two examples, are powerful tools.

  • Another aspect one should not ignore is that the Internet enables individuals to band together and pool their resources for their common good. Twenty years ago a single singer was just that. Now, however, he and hundreds more can come together to form a group, and voilà: an instant consortium of musicians is formed that wields considerable influence, and draws considerable attention, simply by virtue of its size.

  • Each of us needs to take stock, critically, of where he stands today in the marketplace. This means evaluating not only one's own talents and abilities, but also the overall environment and what it demands.

  • The world is changing, and it's up to each of us to decide how much we want to cling to the old, comfortable ways of the past and how much we want to move forward.

At La CoffeeMelodie Suite,
we understand how important it is
that one must never stops looking for
new audience.

Audience, please!!

We just attended an opera performance in a major city -not like New York or Chicago, but a good-sized regional hub- with a thriving arts community. There was a scaled-down orchestra of 20-25 musicians, as well as a cast of about a half dozen, most of whom were from New York. The organization that put on this production is a well-known group, having produced several shows over just the past few years.

In other words, this was not a fling, nor was it an endeavor made without resources. Substantial time, energy and money were put into it. And it wasn't a one-shot deal, either: there are to be half-a-dozen performances of this particular show.

Now, the performance itself wasn't perfect: the orchestra was both under-rehearsed and over-matched by the music, and the overall production was plagued by some questionable performance values. The only good part of it was the singers - though at different levels they were all quite good. Still, I give kudos to anyone who mounts an opera, and extras for staging it with an orchestra.

There was just one significant problem: the audience. It wasn't that it wasn't enthusiastic or knowledgeable, oh no. It was the fact that the orchestra and the audience numbered the same. Actually, I think the orchestra was slightly larger.

I was aghast! How was it that all this effort yielded such a meager turnout?

I suppose some of the answers to that are evident: 'The economy is bad,' 'Opera is a niche market,' 'There are so many entertainment alternatives.' But there were other factors at play, as well, most notably self-inflicted: this organization didn't advertise in the local newspaper.

Clearly, those of us who want to ensure the continued and viable presence of great art in our culture simply cannot assume that this greatness alone will do the job. We all must help in every way we can, whether we advertise, participate, volunteer, or donate. Perhaps the word that best sums it all up is that we must do all we can to facilitate the arts - we must do anything and everything we can.

The Gallery is one way that we can all help one another. By submitting your material to La-Coffee-Melodie-Suite for consideration to be placed in the gallery you help to create an on-line center where artists and audiences can go to learn and find friends and artists. This will only work, though, if everyone in the gallery also links the LCMS website to their own websites. The creation of more and more connections will serve to bring more and more attention to us so we all must link to one another in order to help this art we love.

While our Artists Gallery is being the platform for Public-relations, the center for our performers - actors, singers, educators, and all professionals in the performing arts genre -to give their fans, audiences, and the internet global community- small samples of their artistry (which may very well lead to the opening of many doors to potential business opportunities); Artists Exclusive Lounge is for all performers and everyone in the music making industry to relax, share ideas, ask and offer advices and support, announce up-coming performances, and, most importantly build and strengthen friendship among each other. It is tough enough out there already. Together, we can support and help each other.

Souvenirs - The Boutique

We provide you a store where you can sell your products, whether they are your CDs and other music-related items, or even non-music-related items; as long as they are fine products from you and by you. La CoffeeMelodie Suite is here to support and encourage our friends and colleagues to continue in their arts.

Submission Process

  • Submit your information and materials (including your website urls) along with your request to join the Lounge&Gallery. Although it's not required, but it would save time if you could specify where our link will be placed.
  • We will visit your websites and inform you of our decision.
  • Chances are, you will receive an approval - the only possible reason that you may not pass our 'test' is either; a. you are not who you say you are or do/have done what you say you do/have done (yes, we will know) or b. website traffic reason.
  • We'll start working with your page. In order to make your page look and feel great, we may request for additional information from you.

What you will receive in an exchance for placing
La CoffeeMelodie Suite's link on your websites, blog, and all internet networks
with which connections you have.

  • One profile page - this is where you will tell the audience about yourself, your work, your mission and goal, think of it as your mini-autobiography. Choose your photos well - you may send a short video clip - if you don't have any and would like one (or more) made, TAVADesign is for hire.
  • You will receive your own url like this <-- www.our-website-url.com/yourname.html-->
  • Your links will be 'click-able' on your displayed photos. There will be a pop-up list of links, and, an embedding code for your guest to place on their websites - which will link back to your url here at la-coffee-melodie-suite.
  • There will be a calendar for your performance/event announcements. Please make sure that we receive them six weeks in advance.
  • When we have several artists-musicians in The Lounge & Gallery, we will have a forum - a place for comfort - in which the climate will be supportive and positive.
  • You will be invited to submit your articles to our Articles page, and feature your videos in our Video Gallery
  • The links to your pages in the Gallery will be placed at appropriate places - LCMS blog, LCMS facebook fan page, Twitter, LCMS music websites (reverbnation, myspace, you tube, and the likes) Video art advertisment for The featured Gallery Artists will also be produced. We will keep our communications open and will inform and seek your permission before we advertise on your behalf.
  • As a way of supporting our fellow artists, you will be able to sell your CDs, posters, key chains, or other fine items in our boutique 'Souvenirs' No need to stock your goods with us, you will be charged a small fee - less than ebay, less than CD Baby - only when your merchandise is sold.

Just a little more!

We hate to bore you, but to run a giant directory with good numbers of members, we need to have just a little bit of rules.

  • Please, PLEASE read our Disclaimer-Privacy Policy.
  • La CoffeeMelodie Suite is not your artist/musician representative. We are a center where everyone can meet everyone in the music profession. Think of us as The Grand Central where trains meet and people make their connections.
  • We have your materials in a safe place, and we do not share/give/sell your information to anyone - please refer to Disclaimer-Privacy Policy.
  • We put in our creativity, a lot of hard work and many, many long, long hours to make your page as best as it can be. We make serious effort for perfection and we take pride in our work. We do not alter your written materials but we most definitely spend long hours and thought process in 'dressing up' your page layout and photos (for example - we optimize, sharpen, brighten, darken, shrink, enlarge, add fancy borders and other offects - this list can go on for quite a while) If you would like to use the dressed-up version, please acquire our permission before you take them.
  • Please make sure that our link is placed in an appropriate spot on your website where it can be seen by your viewers. Failure to do so will result in removal of your profile from our website.
  • In order to reach our musical goal we need to reach as many people as possible, therefore, broken link is a NO-NO-NO-NO If you change your urls, please do not forget to give us your new ones. Should that happen, we will inform you and we need you to take immediate action upon giving us your new urls, otherwise, it will cause your profile to be removed.
  • Due to the work involved in preparing and making each page, we do not ask your approval. But, should you not like your profile page, or if you do not agree with our policies here, and/or on Disclaimer-Privacy Policy page, in that case, you should not be using La CoffeeMelodie Suite.

Build stronger music community, please let others know about us!

Your Invitation

Artists - Music Professionals feature their mini-autobiography in Exclusive Gallery, gain access to utilize Artists Exclusive Lounge and display their music and fine mercandise in Souvenirs boutique by invitation only.

In order to help La CoffeeMelodie Suite fulfill her mission of buiding and strengthen the music community, the artists-musicians, and all professionals accept to an agreement that our website link will be placed on their websites, blogs, and other online networks of which they take part, and occasionally, by word of mouth.

If you have not received our invitation and would like to be a part of your growing music community, please submit your request along with your information. Both Pradichaya Gafaae and Ralph will be looking forward to hearing from you.

What you will receive in an exchance for placing La CoffeeMelodie Suite's link on your websites, blog, and all internet networks with which connections you have

Visit 'Souvenirs'

True Artists Video Art Design

As our token of appreciation,

each True Artists Video Art Design clients shall receive a profile feature in Exclusive Gallery, in addition to an access to Artists Lounge.

Please click to learn more...

If you are pleased with this column,
please see other services that we offer
Core Melody Voice Studio
Photo Wand Retouching Boutique
Digital Arts Design
Shop at our kiosk
please treat us to
a cup of Joe!

Help us continue on our mission. Please extend your helping hands.-La CoffeeMelodie Suite

You Are Secure!

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