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    Fame is a funny thing in that it often doesn't come to those with the most talent. This is not to say that those who have it don't deserve it; no, with very few exceptions it is something that has been earned, cultivated and developed. Although I suppose each of us can think of people whom we feel are undeserving of their accolades, the vast majority of household names are just that for a reason.

    Unfortunately for many others, at some point the public- not individuals, mind you, but that vast collective entity- feels that one's lack of success equates with one's lack of ability. But nothing is further from the truth! There are thousands of anonymous individuals who are supremely talented and go about their business unrecognized by virtually everyone. It may simply be that they prefer to live away from the spotlight, or they may have other aspects of their lives that take precedence. In many cases, however, it is simply that they haven't achieved notoriety because they haven't been in the right place at the right time, as the saying goes.

    The proliferation of the media has not helped with this, either, although this has been through no fault of its own. The feats and exploits of today's artists, sports figures and writers are instantly transmitted to millions of people, and if one is not part of the wave then he has fallen behind. Those who are fortunate enough to be in the public eye are carried along by the PR machine, and those who are not- despite their abilities- are more often than not forgotten.

    There is an upside to this, however: you have the chance to enjoy extremely talented people doing what they do best, almost every day and in almost every place. Your local artists, writers and athletes can bring joy to you in the same way Van Gogh, Beethoven and Shakespeare bring joy to the entire world, except that you also have the opportunity of experiencing something unique to your community. Seek out your local community's talent: you won't be disappointed!

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