Run-Away Voice

The Run-Away Voice
"The Run-Away Voice Where is it going? Why, and how, does the voice run away? Run-away voices occur when we mistreat our bodies (according to the guidelines, for example)..."
Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit-The Voice Station-Core Melody Voice Studio The Run-Away Voice Where is it going?
Why, and how, does the voice run away?

Run-away voices occur when we mistreat our bodies (according to the guidelines, for example), often resulting in an illness such as a cold. It is common for a cold to become a sinus infection, ear infection, or throat infection- tonsillitis or laryngitis.

When it gets to that stage we feel very uncomfortable, as it's hard to breathe or swallow. Our ears burn and itch, and our throats are irritated and feel like the hot sand from an Arizona desert. You know, those cold symptoms that make your doctor tell you to sit it out, and when even taking prescribed antibiotics mean you still have to wait for it to run its course.

Some of you- especially the ones who use your voices to make a living, and this is by no means limited to singers- will be asked to take a "vocal rest." Now, to "rest" your "vocal" literally, this means stop -really STOP! If you can truly follow this instruction, this advice is excellent. Perhaps, in a week or two, your voice will come back along with your health. No harm's done.

But most of us cannot avoid talking- since we use our voices to communicate- so we can't really take a "vocal rest," can we? This is when trouble can really begin, and it can snow-ball from here on.

With the term "vocal rest" in mind, we figure that we'll just speak "gently" when we have to. When we think "gently," we think "softly." For most of us, though, the way we produce a soft sound is to back off the air we use, or to stop it entirely. When we speak off the air- the breath- we are no longer relying on our body muscles to support the sound, and we consequently speak with no support. The sound will come off the cords. This, together with weak cords due to a cold, causes the voice to feel weak, despite the pressure we put on our throats to muscle-up the sound.

My voice students are asked to stay away from my studio when they are sick. But, as soon as they are out of the contagious stage, and even when their voices are not fully recovered, they are encouraged to resume their voice lessons. Why? Proper use of the vocal mechanism will help the body get rid of the symptoms more quickly, as well as help the vocal cords regain their healthy stage. To shy away from the voice when one is sick only reinforces the body's tendency to forget what it's supposed to do when it's healthy. Just as in any physical activity, the voice needs to be re-trained.

About The Voice Station
Your voice is your own
You own it. At the same time, you must know that what works for one might not work for another. The Voice Station offers good general guidelines to all, but only through a customized approach - taking into account the unique aspects of an individual's voice - can one realize his fully potential.

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