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About: Backstage folks at The-Voice-Station
About: Backstage folks at The-Voice-Station. The purpose of which is to inform and generate an awareness of the vocal mechanism, and how to care for it. Who are the forces behind this?
Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit-The Voice Station-Core Melody Voice Studio Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit

...... A seasoned performing artist who made a conscious decision early on to step away from the mainstream career path and, instead, put her focus on building and expanding an audience base and educating young musicians in her home country of Thailand, she founded P&R Studio Productions which created and produced various operatic, concert and recital performances there.

She also was a CEO of a direct-sales marketing and import/export company. Several years of giving speeches and lectures to thousands of people who passed through at a time, enabled her to gain valuable knowledge and experience how to best produce the voice, and how to take care of it.

With all of that, her goal carries on. She and her family relocated to the United States and open up Core Melody Voice Studio in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania where, besides teaching the proper singing technique, she also provides tools to improve and maintain the quality of one's voice, both in speaking and singing. Through Core Melody Voice Studio she sets her heart on providing both education and entertainment in the vocal arts, and through The Voice Station brings people closer to an understanding of the way of the voice- not just singing, but also speaking as it is what we do all the time.

Ralph Schatzki-The Voice Station-Core Melody Voice Studio Ralph Schatzki

With years of performing and teaching experience, including a dozen years as a high school teacher, Ralph Schatzki knows about maintaining and improving one's vocal health. He has made it his mission to provide his students with a solid vocal foundation, comprised of both a reliable technique and an acute awareness of one's unique instrument and its capabilities.

Through his work with The Voice Station, he endeavors to aid anyone who has a need to speak or sing better -including professional speakers, teachers, singers or anyone else who needs his voice for work or pleasure- by helping them achieve a more matural and reliable method of vocal production.

About The Voice Station
Your voice is your own
You own it. At the same time, you must know that what works for one might not work for another. The Voice Station offers good general guidelines to all, but only through a customized approach - taking into account the unique aspects of an individual's voice - can one realize his fully potential.

Core Melody Voice Studio

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    Core Melody Voice Studio -Easton, PA

    Vocal Consultations for Singers

    You know you can sing, but at which level would you like to take your talent? Is there room for your ability to grow? Is the sky the limit? Come to the experts for vocal evaluation, vocal advice, and career advice. more details

    Vocal Consultations for Speakers

    We need our voice to be in healthy shape in order to communicate via speaking, especially those of us who are professional speakers. If you ever experience vocal fatigue, loss of "power", or worse, chronic laryngitis; and would like to change that -and at the same time, start producing a healthy sound- make an appointment for a consulatation with us. We know the way of the voice and will give you sound advice. more details

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