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About me -part 4

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A couple of years went by, and it got to the point that I didn't care to have my pictures taken either during the normal everyday routine or while spending time on family vacations. I felt I had started to look "aged," and the fact that I seemed to be losing the allergy battle made me shy away from having my pictures taken even more. Just when I was at my lowest of self-esteem and level of confidence, my family suggested it was time we did our family portraits. We chose to contract the same photographer who had done the wonders a few years back. Unfortunately, circumstances were now different. First, there were six of us, and we were pressed for time at the rented studio space; and second -the more important factor- my face had more than a few flaws, and I definitely looked older.

I literally was appalled by the result. All the raw photos showed every little bit of my skin bumps and laugh lines. The face still looked good -if one could peel off a layer with those bumps! Wanting to confirm to myself that it's the age factor, I whipped out the old file from my last session a few years before. Yes, I now look more "my age," and I only wish that the allergies would have chosen places to attack my body other than on my face.

I picked one photo and sent it to my guy to re-touch. He sent it back, and the result was as wonderful as I had expected -with no lines, no puffy eyes, and no bumps on the face.

Am I not being truthful to myself? -I asked myself as I inspected the picture. It still looked every little bit just like me, and not at all as if I had cosmetic surgery to make me a different person. I feel that I still "own" the look. It is a better version of me: less offensive and more welcoming to the eyes of the person who is looking at it. When one looks at a picture that closely, he doesn't want to be staring into less than perfect pores on a human face.

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