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From a Website newbie's point of view

Now that the purchase was made and the contract was signed. What I got from my investment: An inside look from a Website newbie's point of view. Learning to do it yourself from the beginning.

*With any purchase and contract you sign, always- always make sure that its return policy is reasonable to you.


Even after I signed with SBI, I still wasn't at 100% - but I'd give it about 95. Just like everyone else who's sensible, I put in a lot of time looking up information, and I gave it a lot of thought; yet, I wouldn't know what it would really be like until I got THERE - past the point of making the payment. But my rationalization was that, after had I bought it, and through the course of going over the details, if I found that it wasn't for me then I could just return it.*


I got my welcome email with instructions as soon as Paypal sent me a note that I had paid SBI. At a glance, I saw right away my assigned user name and password, along with step-by-step instructions what to do, including links to the 10-day Action Guide. This is a great guide, and it became my textbook soon afterward! I could choose to read or watch the videos. I chose both options. First, I went to print all 197 pages: this way, I could have a hard copy within reach. I know it's a lot, but I printed double-column with the 'fast economical' (or was it 'first draft?') function. You may want to print on both sides, but I preferred one-sided, knowing that I'd make a lot of notes as I read. At the first chance I had, I went to a store to bind the pages together. Then, I got onto the laptop to the watch the videos - there are ten, one for each 'day' (A minor detail: you have a choice between a fast-talking male who makes each video shorter - of course, your brain would have to take it in at a faster speed- or a female voice, who calmly takes you through each section of the videos. I chose the female.) With my textbook in my lap, I started Day 1. There, my journey began


I recommend strongly that you use the Firefox browser, because as you go through the guide it will ask you to pause the video (or to stop reading) to go take care of certain things, according to where you are in the Action Guide. This requires that a few tabs be opened. You also will need to visit several areas of SBI when the Action Guide shows you around.

I was impressed already!!! As I went through my Action Guide, I came to realize that Site Build It goes to great lengths to explain to me what it can do (for me) and how I can do things (for me), and it gave me a lot of valuable knowledge: from how to build a quality website, to how to make Internet marketing work for it. In my five years of being an Internet newbie (yes, I'm still a newbie- there is still more that I can learn), this is the FIRST web host provider company that pleased me. Right away, I felt the satisfaction that most good business people yearn to feel, which is that if you give and you shall receive.* And I raise my hat to Dr Ken Evoy, the man behind Site Build It, who has earned, in my Business Hall of Recognition, A Real Business Man Award.**

*I am aware of human nature in this much too fast-growing world. Business morals and ethics change so much. People take advantage of each other in a cut-throat manner, and it becomes a game of 'who can take more,' and 'if you don't take, you'll be taken' (falling into the category of big fish eating small fish - who's on top of the food chain? - a misuse of the MLM system), which I find dangerous, heartless, and so unnecessary. The old way of gentleman's agreements hardly exists any more, as the world's population increases. I am old-school, though, and one of the believers that when I give and all is happy, then I will be given back to.

**This is no laughing matter. I recognize a good sales person, and Ken Evoy is a good sales person. Yes, ultimately he's selling, but he explains to me why this is good for me, then he shares with me his knowledge of the product he sells. He provides all the tools and everything that's necessary for his clients (me) to become successful; and, in doing so, he hopes that because of the success of his clients' businesses they will recommend his service to others.

Uhhhh...No, I'm not brain-washed :-) I am strong-willed, and known to be forth-coming in showing 'the world' when I come across something really good; but, should something or someone be 'bad,' that thing or that person will not have a chance with me!

And, no, this is not one of my sales tactics. There are plenty of times and places for those.


This goes both ways. I gave SBI my piggy bank money and received a product which has a value beyond my $299. I put a lot of thought on Day-2 of the Action Guide which resulted in the new development of the best approach for my original idea - something that I wouldn't have thought of on my own; or, dare I say, if I were using other website providers. And, by the way, Action Guide Day-2 alone took me more than 70 days, from Christmas 2008 into March 2009. I got discouraged a couple of times along the way. SBI even has a big section to help you out when you feel like giving up, from not being able to find the right niche, to feeling overwhelmed from all the information on which you have to follow through. I didn't use them, but knowing that this help was there made me put myself back on track. I also appreciated the Tips and Techniques section and the SBIers in the help forum. When I wanted to look for a 'how to' do something technical - html or css help (I may be good for a lot of things, but I'm not a techy!)- I never had to look outside SBI. When in doubt, 'Find It,' and it shall be found! I only had to contact the support team once, on something really embarrassingly silly due to the fact that I was 'green.' I got a very nice response, saying that what I asked for was not possible, and then some detailed choices with, 'perhaps these are what I meant originally?' Of course, what I needed- but didn't know how to ask- was one of the choices. (blush)

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