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A Friend

by Wannarat
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Tongue sticking out dog

Tongue sticking out dog

Tongue sticking out dog Poolside dog A dog with two pairs of shoes Sleepy dog

No one is perfect, but when it comes to your friend, what is your expectation? Do you want him or her to be your soul mate? You hope that he can read your mind. He will always be on your side and always be supportive. He will always be there for you. He will always understand you. Would you expect him to be perfect or come close to perfect (at least for you)? Are you expecting too much?

What if he has a good heart but has his own flaws, would you accept those flaws? How much of those flaws are you willing to take?

Will you try to correct him or will you let it go and sweep it under the rug? But then wouldn't things get built up and eventually explode in your own face? So you might lose a friend at the end. Where is the middle ground in all of these? If you tell your friend his flaw he might not like it and cut you off as a friend anyway. But I think it would be better than having to hold it in, and let it explode one day. I think it all comes back to your expectation.

At what level do you set your expectation? If you set it up quite high then you could be disappointed. If you have such a low expectation of your friend then you shouldn't even bother being their friends. So I say let's do it right smack in the middle, not too low and not too high. This way you are always ready and armed. Nothing will surprise you. And whatever comes up, take it head on. Don't sweep it under the rug.

Of course, there is always the other side of the coin. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” So watch how you treat your friend. And don't be a hypocrit and be surprised if your friend treats you badly. Play nice. Be courteous. Take initive. Be nice first. Then let the show begin.


Disclaimer: This is not a story about a dog, but since Poolook my dog is so cute, and is my best friend, I'd thought I'd post his photos.

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