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Nicholas-and-graphic Tutorial, Graphic-Arts, GIMP, Photoshop

Nicholas-and-graphic Tutorial in graphic arts and animation with a specialty in Gimp and Photoshop

Hi everyone! This is Nicholas' page on La CoffeeMelodie Suite!

I was born in 1995. I am the second child in the Schatzki family. Of the four, I tend to be the one who acts the most differently. While the rest of my siblings can be seen as lively, flamboyant, and proud, I'm seen as calm, indifferent, and modest (sometimes).

I really like computers. If you combine this with the fact that I love art, guess what? I love to make digital graphics! I use GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) for most of my work. I have quite a bit of knowledge about using Photoshop too.

What exactly do I do? Well, I will be giving tips and tricks on using GIMP and Photoshop, and I will create some work to put on my page every once in a while. I may also take requests in images and services to touch-up your picture.

Leave your requests and questions in the comment box, and I will respond as soon as I can!

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Nicholas-and-graphic, tutorial, graphic-arts, gimp, photoshop

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I will show you my tips and technique one topic at the time. If you like my tutorial, please bookmark my page and subscribe to the website's feed, this way you won't miss any update.

Nicholas Boonrug Schatzki Your Graphic Buddy at La CoffeeMelodie Suite

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