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January 07, 2010 - Brendan Schatzki - This is the moment.

"..This is the day when I send all my doubts and domons on their way." The first ever performance by the University of Pittsburgh Muscial Theatre Club.

Category: Music

Tags: This-is-the-moment Jakyll-and-Hyde Brendan Schatzki musical music-theatre performance

May 25, 2009 - This was an outdoor performance that took place on May 24, 2009 at the Mayfair Arts Festivals in Allentown, PA. Brendan Schatzki and his colleagues who performed at their high school musical productions who were nominated for the Freddy Awards (Easton, PA)were invited to sing at this festival. As dutiful parents :) we participated and took this video from our camera - We must have been too excited and 'accidentally' took the whole video without sound (duh!) Luckily, we also recorded the audio with a separate device so we were able to put them together. The unsteady hand was also part of our excitement and we apologize for the shakiness!

Category: Music

Tags: brendan schatzki reprise 42nd street freddy awards mayfair arts festival

September 20, 2008 - Our son Brendan, 16-yr-old at the time when he performed this piece as a guest singer in our recital. The photos are from various stages of his life.

Category: Music

Tags: on the street where you live brendan schatzki musical broadway show tune my fair lady

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Brendan Khunnaug Schatzki: Visit his CoffeeTube page where you find Brendan's music, clips of his performances, including, everything and anything about Brendan!


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Brendan Khunnarug Schatzki: Visit his CoffeeTube page where you find Brendan's music, clips of his performances, including, everything and anything about Brendan!
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