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More on Homonyms

Better Than Then. Many mistakes in written English usage are the result of confusing one homonym for another. -Let's try to fix that!

The Confusion

Many mistakes in written English usage are the result of confusing one homonym for another: using "here" instead of "hear," or "there" instead of "their," for example.

Today's piece (not "peace") is concerned with two words that sound almost alike, yet are not strictly homophonic- although, in certain dialects their pronunciations can be virtually identical, so perhaps they can be called quasi-homophones.

These are the words "then" and "than."

The Difference

Let's quickly examine the difference between the words. "Than" is simply paired with an adjective to compare two things:

"Joe is stronger than Mary."

"Then," on the other hand, is a word describing when something occurs following another:

"Put on your socks, then your shoes." It is useful, too, to remember the simple construction from logic, "if-then," describing how if one thing happens then another can (or will).

The Poor Cousin

"Than" is the poor cousin in this relationship. It is the one that gets short-changed, its more popular relative usurping its rightful place in the language. What one often sees is a sentence such as,

"Basketball is a better game then baseball."

Clearly, the writer means to say he prefers basketball to baseball, so this is a comparison and "than" would be the proper word choice.

The good news, I suppose, is that "than" is seldom- if ever- misused, so if you are tempted to write it then you are probably correct.

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